Solvent vs. Eco Solvent Ink

When looking for a vinyl banner manufacturer be sure to ask what kind of process they use to produce their products. Here at BannerToYou we use only full solvent inks printed at 1440dpi. You will find that a lot of our competition utilizes an inferior ink known as eco solvent.

Advantages of Solvent Ink

A true solvent ink offers some of the best durability available. This means when you get one of our banners it will last longer and look even in outside 24/7. Solvent ink fades less and is more scratch resistant that eco solvent. Common mild household cleaners can often remove eco solvent ink with little effort while the same cleaners will do nothing to true solvent ink.

Why use Eco Solvent then?

Eco solvent ink is cheaper as is the equipment and cost to use eco solvent. Eco solvent doesn't require ventilation like solvent ink does when printing. We have made the cost investment produce high quality banners rather than sacrifice durability for cost saving.

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